Nepal Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the most adventurous and spectacular activities that one can do celebrate their time at Himalayan nation Nepal. There are about 1310 peaks in Nepal above 6000m. While making such activities, we will feel great pleasure and relaxed viewing the best scene of the surrounding and high mountains. Some of the trekkers may need some training while making such types of activities in Nepal. The rules and regulations of climbing the peaks of Nepal are under the control of Nepal mountaineering association and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), and related authorities of trekking and pack climbing of Nepal. We have to trek or walk at the high altitude which clearly indicates the altitude problem caused by the thinner presence of air in the environment. Therefore, we have to acclimatize ourselves during the whole trek.

The scene that the viewpoints while making such trip will surely mesmerizes us. Despite its excitement, Peak climbing will be so much risky as well. A small mistake can result even in the loss of life of the trekkers. So, we must have to be very careful; as we don’t have to forget that we are passing at the high altitude where even the oxygen is rare. There are several mountains where one can go for peak climbing. The peaks like Mera peak, Lobuche peak, Chulu east peak, Paldor peak, Nay Kang, Yala peak, Pisang peak, Dhampus peak, Tharpu Chuli peak, Thapa peak are some of the peak of Nepal where one can enjoy the real adventure and excitement. The peak climbing will make us closer to the land of the Himalayas along with the local inhabitants that we will meet during the trekking at the low lands. The activities are gaining in popularity to its summit day by day.

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