Privacy Policy

Destination Unlimited Treks and Expeditions considering the matter of the privacy policy of the trekkers has made several attempt. We are here to serve the trekkers with the best services and by committing the privacy of the trekkers we assure our honesty towards the trekkers. We can use the best possible way of the trekker’s privacy policy. Realizing the demand of the trekkers, Destination Unlimited Treks and Expeditions is totally committed towards the privacy policy of the trekkers.

The privacy of the trekkers will be preserved safely at Destination Unlimited Treks and Expeditions. The private and personal information of the trekkers is absolutely needed during the time of booking the tickets for the trekking. The information provided by the trekkers will be kept safely and will not be used for any other purposes. The personal information will not be sold or shared and the email address of the trekkers will not be provided or forwarded to other parties.